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Baptist Sermons

           Sermon Index
           Stories for Speakers and Writers

Baptist Pamphlets

           The Baptist Style for a New Century

                Jointly published by the Baptist History and Heritage Society and William H. Whitsitt Baptist Heritage Society

           Baptist Freedom and Conscience Series  (by Bruce Prescott  et al.)


Baptist Books

           Bibliography compiled by Smyth & Helwys

Shurden ... On Baptists

           Shurden . . .on  The Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty
           Shurden . . .on  Underliving and Undergiving
           Shurden . . .on  Baptists and the First Amendment
           Shurden .... on  Growing Down
           Shurden . . .on  The First Ten Years of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
           Shurden . . .on  The Baptist Manifesto
           Shurden. . . on  Creedalism in Baptist Life
           Shurden. . . on  Religious Liberty and Separation of Church and State
           Shurden. . . on  The Second Ten Years of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
           Shurden. . . on  Theological Education

           Shurden. . . on  The Importance of Preserving the Baptist Heritage
           Shurden. . . on  Fundamentalist-Moderate Controversy after 20 Years

           Shurden. . . on  Six Words for the First Ten Years of the CBF



Baptist Classics

           Thomas Helwys, A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity
           The First London Confession of 1644

           John Clarke, Ill Newes From New England

           John Russel, "A Brief Narrative...of a Church of Christ in Gospel Order in Boston"

           Morgan Edwards, Materials Towards A History of the Baptists

           Minutes of the Philadelphia Baptist Association


Trends in Theology Today

               Open Theism, Calvinism, Fundamentalism and Forgiveness (lectures by Fisher Humphreys)



Baptists and Creedalism

               An Analysis of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 by Russell H. Dilday, April 2001
           "An Unconsciousable Confession:: The Baptist Faith & Message 2000" (Bruce Prescott)



Baptists and Calvinism 

               Calvinism and the Bible by Fisher Humphreys

               Calvinism and Traditional Baptist Theology by Fisher Humphreys

                        Book Order Information


Baptists and Church/State Issues

               America's First Freedom by Dan Day
           The Christian American by Brent Walker
           Church/State Bibliography by Brent Walker
           Faith-Based Initiatives: A Response to Ron Sider by K. Hollyn Hollmann
           God and the Supreme Court by Bob Ferguson, Jr.
           Some Thoughts on Religious Pronouncements by James K. Hoffmeister


The Baptist Identity

               The Baptist Soul by Charles Deweese
           Dignity of Women Statement by Virginia WMU
           Roots and Wings: The Mercer Baptist Tradition by Walter B. Shurden



The "Baptist Manifesto"

              A Response by Bruce Prescott:  Reaffirming Baptist Identity


Baptist Dissertations

              Baylor Dissertations



Baptists Worldwide

              Official F W Boreham Blog

           This Day With F W Boreham
           Baptists and Human Rights
           Making Life Decisions: Journey in Discernment


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