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The following resources, collected from a variety of sources including
The Center for Baptist Studies, are designed to assist you in communicating Baptist traditions in your local church setting. 
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Preaching Helps & Sermon Ideas
Pastor Search Committee Helps
Online Educational Program
Denominational Relations Committee

Creative Ministries in Local Churches
Sunday School Lessons
Baptist Heritage Week
Children's Material
Creation Care

Deacon Ministry
Wednesday Night Programs
Writing Local Church History
Church Anniversaries

Baptist Polity
Other Resources




Special:  Baptist Heritage and the 21st Century (A Series of 12 Articles)


Preaching Helps / Sermon Ideas
The Craft and Art of Preaching and Writing Baptist History (Baptist History and Heritage Society)
Proclaiming the Baptist Vision
(Includes volumes on The Bible, The Church, The Priesthood of all Believers,
        Baptism and the Lord's Supper, and Religious Liberty)
Sample Sermons that Proclaim Baptist Heritage (The Center for Baptist Studies)

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Pastor Search Committee Helps
Ten Commandments for Pastor Search Committees (Walter B. Shurden)

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Sunday School Lessons and Illustrations
The Baptist Style for a New Century (A Pamphlet Series)
"Why be Baptist?" (Rick McClatchy and Bruce Prescott)

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Baptist Heritage Week
"Baptists on Religious Liberty and the Separation of Church and State" (Walter B. Shurden)
"Baptist Beginnings" (Leon McBeth)
"Baptists and Their Theology" (Fisher Humphreys)
"Priesthood of All Believers" (Carolyn Blevins)
Selected Historical Documents (Compiled by The Center for Baptist Studies)
Defending the Baptist Heritage of Separation of Church and State (Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)
"Bytes" of Baptist History by Robert Richardson:
        John Leland: Pious Preacher and Religious Libertarian
        13 Killed in Riots Over Public School Bible Reading

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Denominational Relations Committee
"An Analysis of the Baptist Faith & Message 2000" (Russell H. Dilday)
"An Unconscionable Confession: The Baptist Faith & Message 2000" (Bruce Prescott)
"How the SBC Has Changed" (Bruce Prescott)
"Reconfigurations in Baptist Life" (Bruce Prescott)
"A Crisis of Conscience" (Bruce Prescott)

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Creative Ministries in Local Churches
Common Sense College Ministry (Rhonda Giles, First Baptist Church, Blowing Rock, North Carolina)
Health Ministries (Lee McGlone, First Baptist Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
The Parchment Club (Rick Wilson, First Baptist Church of Christ, Macon, Georgia)
Partnering With Non-Profit Organizations (Dennis Plourde, First Baptist Church, Los Angeles, California)
Partners in Peacemaking (Stephen Jones, First Baptist Church, Seattle, Washington)
Samaritan Ministry (Wayne Smith, Central Baptist Church of Bearden, Knoxville, Tennessee)
Stephen Ministry (Timothy Bonney, First Baptist Church, Des Moines, Iowa)

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Stewardship Sermons
My Gift Makes a Difference by Keith Herron
Press On by Paul Larson
Radical Generosity by Steve Ross
Stewardship is Surrender by Doug Dortch
Stewardship is Priority by Doug Dortch
Stewardship is Investment by Doug Dortch
Stewardship is Sacrifice by Doug Dortch
The Thankful Return by Sarah Shelton
Open and Laid Bare by Sarah Shelton
All She Had by Sarah Shelton
What Are You Willing to Give? by Sarah Shelton
Opening the Packages: Stewardship by Joe Kutter
Opening the Packages: Companions by Joe Kutter
Opening the Packages: Church by Joe Kutter
Opening the Packages: Cash by Joe Kutter
Opening the Packages: Creation by Joe Kutter

Stewardship Essays
Putting in a Nickel by Marion Aldridge

Stewardship Links
Stewardship Resources -- from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Stewardship Resources -- from American Baptist Churches-USA
Centered for Life -- discover your calling "through assessment, learning, and community"
Generous Giving -- "experience the joy of giving and embrace a lifestyle of generosity"
More Than Money -- "information, ideas, and inspiration about how to live more meaningful lives"
Stewardship in the 21st Century -- resources from Luther Seminary
Ecumenical Stewardship Center - "A Network for Growing Stewards"
Center for Christian Stewardship - providing resources to "encourage generous giving in congregations and individuals"
Stewardship of Life Institute - "Living every moment with awareness of God's abundant generosity."
Simple Living - "Equipping people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly."

Stewardship Sunday School Lessons, First Baptist Church, Macon, GA
The Stewardship Committee of the First Baptist Church of Christ of Macon, GA, developed the following two series of Sunday School lessons as a curriculum for all adult Sunday School classes for 2005 and 2006. The writers of the lessons are all members of the church, which added a distinct plus to the lessons.

2005: Theme: "Where Your Treasure is . . . "The First Baptist Church of Christ." The five lessons address the issues of the stewardship of (1) time, (2) talents, (3) treasure, (4) presence, and (5) the church budget for 2005. Note: the documents are in Microsoft Word format.

2006: Theme: "A Gift Too Good To Keep." The five lessons address the issues of stewardship in the church related to (1) music and worship, (2) missions and evangelism, (3) Christian education, (4) administration, (5) Sacred Space. The lessons were edited by Darrell Pursiful.

A Gift Too Good to Keep - A Series of Five Stewardship Lessons by Darrell Pursiful (PDF Format)

Postmodernism / Emergent Church
The Next Wave -- website devoted to examining, understanding the postmodern church; excellent articles

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Children's Materials
Heritage Seekers is a magazine designed to teach Baptist heritage to children. The publication includes a family guide with each issue. Each issue  features a different historical figure and important principle or theme. A year subscription (four issues) is $20. Multiple copies for church groups can be ordered at $150 for a set of 10 subscriptions. Go to the website or call 804-289-8434. (Published by the Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies)
We Are Baptists: Studies for Older Elementary Children (Judson Press)
We Are Baptists: Studies for Youth (Judson Press)

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Creation Care
Baptist General Convention of Texas Creation Care Resources
An Awakening to Creation Care -- Kathy Myers, First Baptist Church of Christ, Macon, GA
Eco-Justice Programs -- National Council of Churches of Christ
"The Care and Keeping of God's Body" - an Earth Day sermon by Keith Herron

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Deacon Ministries
Deacon Ministry Newsletter -- Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Georgia Churches with Women Deacons -- compiled by the GA Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

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Wednesday Night Programs
The Baptist Identity: Four Fragile Freedoms (Walter B. Shurden)
Four Fragile Freedoms Leader's Guide (Thomas Beers, Judson Press, PDF format)
Four Fragile Freedoms Study Guide (Terry R. Hamrick, Smyth & Helwys)
The Baptist Style for a New Century (A Pamphlet Series)
"The Importance of Preserving the Baptist Heritage" (Walter B. Shurden)
"Calvinism and the Bible" (Fisher Humphreys)
"Calvinism and Traditional Baptist Theology" (Fisher Humphreys)
"Preserving the Legacy" (J. Brent Walker)
Current Religious Liberty Issues (Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs)
"Perspectives on Women in Baptist Life" (Leon McBeth)

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Baptist Polity
The Authority of a Baptist Association (Walter B. Shurden)

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Writing Local Church History
Baptist History and Heritage Society
Church Archives and Records Articles (Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archives)
Texas Baptist Historical Collection (Baptist General Convention of Texas)
    Good History Begins in Small Churches
    Guide for Church History Writers
    How to Prepare an Oral History
    How to Start a Church Archives
    How to Write a Church History
    Procedure in Writing the History of a Baptist Church
    Suggestions for a Church History Committee

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Church Anniversaries
How to Observe Church Anniversaries (Texas Baptist Historical Collection)

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Other Resources
Church and Synagogue Library Association -- excellent resource for starting and maintaining church libraries
Sabbatical Policies -- Baptist General Conference of Canada, Baptist Union of Western Canada
Roger Williams Heritage Archives -- Historical Baptist book collection on CD-ROM
Dramatic Distinctives -- An opportunity for your church to see and hear Baptist History
Ecumenism -- A lesson in learning from other denominations (see page 2)

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