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Turning Points in Baptist History

by Walter B. Shurden


Doing Faith Baptist Style: VOLUNTARISM

By E. Glenn Hinson


Doing Freedom Baptist Style: LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE

By Charles W. Deweese


Doing Authority Baptist Style: THE BIBLE

by Claude L. Howe Jr.


Doing Baptism Baptist Style: BELIEVER'S BAPTISM

By William H. Brackney


Doing Ministry Baptist Style: THE PRIESTHOOD OF BELIEVERS

by Carolyn D. Blevins


Doing Missions Baptist Styles: A PASSION FOR THE GOSPEL

By Bill J. Leonard


Doing Church Baptist Style: CONGREGATIONALISM

By Carol Crawford Holcomb


Doing Diversity Baptist Style: MAJOR VARIATIONS

By Albert W. Wardin Jr.



The Baptist Style for a New Century pamphlets are jointly published by the
Baptist History and Heritage Society and the
William H. Whitsitt Baptist Heritage Society



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